My Vision for Education

I’m running for the State Board of Education because I want to make a difference and improve our Ward 8 families’ quality of education. I have seen injustice, inequality, and inefficiency in the way things are done. I want to bring fresh ideas and a compelling voice to the school board. I want families and teachers at the decision-making table to ensure a more inclusive education system, especially for families of students with disabilities. Special education should be parallel and paramount in the education conversation and can no longer be forgotten. The pursuit of equity will serve as the tool to drive toward better outcomes for students of color. I pledge to apply a rigorous lens of equity when reviewing academic standards, graduation requirements, and other policies. Finally, children in Ward 8 deserve 5-star schools equipped with the resources to push our children toward their dreams! Quality schools will no longer be the exception but will be the expectation in our community. If elected to the SBOE, I would champion the board to expand its policy efforts on special education, transparency and accountability, and family engagement—especially with families of color.


How We Need to Fight For Our Children

Community Representation

Special Education


In the wake of the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic — to our neighbors’ happiness, health, and job opportunities — it is essential that black families and families of color in the District of Columbia are represented and have a seat at the table when decisions are made regarding when, where, and how best to reopen schools, childcare centers, and other community facilities and critical public services

Create a special education resource center that is housed in the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) to support schools, educators and families in providing the highest level of rigor and support for all of our students by advising OSSE to  provide training and technical assistance to LEAs on how to provide parent training on a student IEPs for students with disabilities.  

Develop a citywide audit of school site-based resources — for funding, personnel, course offerings, supplemental educational services, etc. <similar to this report commissioned by the Baltimore Community Foundation back in 2018> — to complement the STAR rating accountability system, which will allow families (and all DC residents) to compare the supports that go into each school with their performance evaluation

Parent Engagement

Improve Mental Health


Strengthen OSSE’s parent engagement standards — baseline expectations for the customer service, collaboration, and support that DCPS and all public charter schools must provide to their families — in response to the unique challenges (and opportunities) created by distance learning during the 2020-21 school year

Prioritize increased funding, support services, and the establishment of a training standard for providing comprehensive mental health care — that is accessible to students, families, and the entire school community (especially in the light of the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic)
Prioritize the use of de-escalation and restorative justice practices to fight our epidemic of youth violence in Ward 8 and ensure that efforts to make our community safer does not increase the school-to-prison pipeline